FUNCTIONS & FEATURES of the different versions in detail
HARDWARE Business Premium
Hardware already fully installed O O
 - Server operating system and BvLArchivio® software are fully installed O O
 - 4 x mobile hard discs each with a 500 GB capacity (option: up to 5 TB) O O
 - Network speed 10 • 100 • 1000 MB O O
 - Parallel operation of multiple servers possible O O
 - Functions in every network environment O O
SOFTWARE Business Premium
High-performance database for 1 billion data records per archive O O
Five archives each offering intelligent memory partitioning O O
 - Unlimited partitioning by category within each archive O O
 - Access to the archive via a browser O O
User management O O
OCR module for character recognition O O
 - Creation of PDF/A files for long-term archiving O O
 - Searchable PDF/A files O O
Barcode module for barcode recognition in documents   O
 - Identifies and reads all barcodes in documents   O
 - Automatically save the barcode value as a search term   O
Separator page module   O
 - Scan different documents at the same time using separator pages   O
Blank page module   O
 - Automatically remove scanned blank pages   O
DATA SECURITY Business Premium
 - Audit-proof archiving, no deletion, no manipulation O O
 - Long-term archiving >10 years, >20 years, >30 years O O
 - Automatic data backups on all hard discs incl. a testing system O O
 - Automatic data encryption on all hard discs O O
 - Access rights using different passwords per archive O O
 - Access restrictions per user / workstation within an archive O O
 - Access restrictions as part of a tax audit O O
 - Recognition and backup of faulty archives O O
 - Logging of archive queries O O
 - Administration-free operation O O
 - Archiving from workstations using keyword authentication O O
 - Comprehensive system logging of all processes & incidents O O
 - Assign a standard gateway, approve access to other networks O O
 - Tilize additional mobile hard discs  O O
 - Utilize larger hard discs O O
GUARANTEE Business Premium
48 month hardware guarantee incl. immediate on-site exchange service O O
48 month software guarantee incl. update function O O
48 month free hotline for user enquiries and reporting faults O O
LICENSES Business Premium
 - Server operating system O O
 - Database O O
 - Unlimited number of workplaces and users O O
 - Unlimited number of files O O
 - Unlimited number of filing criteria / search terms O O
 - Unlimited number of scanners O O
 - Unlimited number of documents O O
 - OCR (character recognition) O O
 - Barcode recognition   O
 - Legal requirements according to commercial and tax law are fulfilled O O
 - Legal requirements according to GoB, GoBs and GDPdU are fulfilled O O
 - Legal requirements according to IDW RS FAIT 1 & 3 are fulfilled O O
 - Certified acc. to PS 330, 880 Institute of Public Auditors in Germany O O
FUNCTIONS Business Premium
Archiving from any workstation O O
Queries can be sent from any workstation O O
Queries can be sent any external application O O
Archiving direct from a network scanner O O
Archiving from other applications O O
Archiving of any file format O O
Direct acceptance of scanned documents without the need for further processing O O
Unrestricted partitioning and naming of the archives O O
Automatically convert scanned documents into PDF/A files O O
Make control commands on documents invisible (b/w)   O
Make control commands on documents invisible (grey, color)   O
Export archived files and indices for passing on to third parties O O
Automatically save search terms from the first page of the document O O
Prohibit export commands for workstations O O
Save / delete blank pages   O
Save / delete separator pages   O
Define the description and contents of the archive O O
Subsequent addition of search terms O O
Full text indexing O O
Category indexing O O
Barcode indexing   O
Import function for accepting files from third parties O O
It is possible to convert from the xs version to the full version at any time!
XL-PREMIUM + Life-Edition

The Life Edition contains a second server that is available for immediate use. The second server enables genuine 24/7 operation. The second server is also installed at your premises and can immediately replace the first server at any time. The hardware in both server systems (first system and second system) is completely renewed at an interval of every 12-24 months, while the system is automatically provided with all software updates and new software functions.